The excitement was felt not only by the students but by the faculty in the first week.

“The faculty are invigorated and seeing the potential of these new students,” said Dennita Sewell, director of ASU FIDM.

“I’m impressed by their excited energy and talent, conceptually and visually,” said Cullanete Bloom, who teaches Foundations in Fashion Design Communication. “We have a really diverse cohort here, including more men.”

Miguel Barragán, a professor and the assistant director of student success and curriculum for ASU FIDM, who also moderated a panel discussion at the welcome event, noted the many opportunities fashion students have studying in Los Angeles.

“We’re in the heart of the Fashion District, with the California Market Center blocks away and many opportunities in manufacturing, merchandising and buying,” he explained. “The Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach are here. You’re exposed to Hollywood and Southern California culture. Add to that all the resources that ASU provides.”

Chelsi Woods, a fashion design student from Oakland, California, noted how freeing the city environment was for her.

“I attended a small, private Catholic high school where we had to wear uniforms every day. Here, I’m learning to get around by taking the Metro and exploring the city with some of my new classmates.”

Miranda, whose cousin graduated from FIDM and had toured FIDM prior to its partnership with ASU, was particularly excited that ASU FIDM offered four-year programming.

“What drew me to (ASU FIDM) was that it has a program in fashion business management, which was perfect for me and touches on styling, the career I want to pursue,” she said.

Overall, energy was high heading into the new semester.

“I think it’s really starting to get exciting for the students now,” Sewell noted. “Many of these students had planned and saved for this moment for some time, and their passion for fashion really comes through.”

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