W. P. Carey School of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship launches at ASU

New business school unit is a key part of ASU’s West Valley initiative

W. P Carey building

As part of a universitywide focus on expanding ASU’s West campus, the W. P. Carey School of Business is launching a new academic unit this fall — the W. P. Carey School of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE). The new interdisciplinary school houses both undergraduate and graduate degree offerings, several research and activity centers, and faculty from a range of disciplines.

“The new TIE school represents our commitment to the West Valley community and the burgeoning opportunities available to both ASU and businesses there,” says W. P. Carey Dean Ohad Kadan. “When we all work together to invest and innovate, it’s amazing to see the impact on students, business and the community.”

New degrees meet West Valley business needs

New undergraduate degrees at the school include a Bachelor of Arts in applied business and technology solutions and a Bachelor of Arts in entrepreneurial leadership. The applied business and technology solutions degree, also offered through ASU Online and on the Polytechnic campus, is a highly customizable program in which students learn foundational business skills while simultaneously applying insights through expanded internship credit opportunities.

The entrepreneurial leadership program, offered exclusively on the West campus, gives students a broad foundation in business as well as a focus on starting, leading and managing entrepreneurial organizations. Potential career paths include working in entrepreneurial-minded roles in existing organizations as well as starting or joining new ventures and small businesses of all types.

Both new degrees have a foundation in business data analytics instead of calculus.

“We recognize that there are several practical business careers that don’t require higher-level math courses,” explains Michele Pfund, senior associate dean of undergraduate programs. “Offering more accessible paths to earn a business degree is key to meeting employer and community needs.” 

Highly ranked supply chain program to get in-person home

Starting in fall 2024, the West campus will also house the in-person Master of Science in supply chain management (MS-SCM) program, which has previously been offered online only as part of a stackable credential program in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Department of Supply Chain Management, which has programs consistently ranked in the top three in the country by U.S. News & World Report, is collaborating with the W. P. Carey School of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship to marry excellence in logistics, procurement and supply chain best practices with hands-on lessons that capitalize on Phoenix’s growing warehousing and logistics sectors.

The Knight-Swift Logistics Lab, housed on the West campus, will provide additional research opportunities and practical skills to students and local logistics professionals.

“The new School of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for W. P. Carey students to gain the skills and experience for careers in growing sectors and emerging technologies,” says Amy Ostrom, vice dean and PetSmart Chair in Service Leadership. “The customization available in the TIE programs gives students tremendous opportunities to explore their interests while growing their marketable skills.”

New centers combine research, impact

The W. P. Carey School of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship will also be home to several labs and centers focused on entrepreneurship and innovation while serving the West Valley. The Center for Small and Family Business will provide continuing and executive education offerings as well as networking opportunities for learners and professionals in the West Valley. Small and midsize businesses form over 95% of companies and generate over 60% of the jobs in Arizona, and better supporting those businesses is a vital part of W. P. Carey’s commitment to the communities it serves.

W. P. Carey will also launch the Center for Experiential Learning within the new school. The center will connect students with practical, applied experiences in support of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

Gopalakrishnan Mohan, the new school's director and senior associate dean of faculty, is looking forward to the influence of the new school.

“Our commitment to serving our students and community is self-evident through TIE,” he says. “From the new degree programs that are holistically changing the fundamentals of business and research activities that engage with local business, W. P. Carey is leading impactful innovation in the West Valley.”

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