During the summit, members explored several tools built by DCEdEx that allowed them to view data related to the community, as well as environmental and social factors affecting the educational trajectories of students in their own communities. 

As the teachers dug into academic data on how high school graduates fare in the state’s public universities, they highlighted strengths and identified areas to target for improvement. Using this data, along with their own experiences, the members will lead mentor events throughout the state over the 2023–24 academic year.

“You need something that will keep you intellectually challenged, keep you professionally stimulated,” said Impact Corps member Grazyna Zreda of Tanque Verde High School. “I want to keep going so I keep learning and incorporating new ideas. If I keep growing, then I am modeling that for my students.”

Teachers in the first cohort of the ASU Impact Corps:

  • Julie Baldwin, Boulder Creek High School, Anthem.
  • Donald Baxley, Boulder Creek High School, Anthem.
  • Chris Cook, Thatcher High School, Thatcher.
  • Britny Delp, Bioscience High School, Phoenix.
  • Vincent Dober, Nogales High School, Nogales.
  • Anne Hoodin, Mesquite High School, Gilbert.
  • Milton Johnson, Bioscience High School, Phoenix.
  • Andrew Jordan, Boulder Creek High School, Anthem.
  • Jigar Mehta, Nogales High School, Nogales.
  • Fernando Ramirez, San Luis High School, San Luis.
  • Jennifer Valenzuela, Nogales High School, Nogales.
  • Grazyna Zreda, Tanque Verde High School, Tucson.

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