Here are the five top-ranked businesses and representatives in each revenue category: 

$250,000–$1.999 million category 

  1. Taylor & Lihn, led by co-founders and partners Caleb Lihn, ‘02 BA, and Emily Taylor, ‘03 BS. 
  2. RevampIT AV, Jack Thompson, ‘09 BA, owner. 
  3. Ultra Financial Partners, Logan Varela, ‘11 BA, co-founder and president.
  4. Point in Time Studios, Rami Kalla, ‘99 BS, '99 BA, president.
  5. Kim Joyce & Associates, Kim Joyce, ‘94 BA, CEO.

$2 million–$9.999 million category 

  1. Phoenix Water Solutions, Kyler Colin, ‘18 BA, founder. 
  2. PC Sports Cards, Josh Cohen, ‘05, co-founder. 
  3. Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children, Becky Bell Ballard, ‘04 BA, CEO.
  4. Majestic Water Spouts, Matthew Kayne, ‘09 BS, owner. 
  5. Falcon Wealth Planning, Gabriel Shahin, ‘06 BS, president. 

$10 million+ category

  1. BioLab Sciences, Bob Maguire, ‘13 executive MBA, CEO, co-founder, president; and Jaime Leija, ‘03 BS, co-founder and chief compliance officer.
  2. CCT Research, Nick Bruggeman, ‘10 BA, co-founder and vice president.
  3. James Group, Lorron James, ‘05 BS, CEO and owner.
  4. Paradox, Aaron Matos, ‘95 BS, CEO and owner. 
  5. Dynovis, Bradley Repp, ‘97 MBA, CEO and co-founder. 
Laurie Merrill

Marketing Copy Writer , ASU Alumni Association