The youngest of her children was born in 2019, and the baby required time in the neonatal intensive care unit. Osgood refused to leave her side, but was also in PHY 112, PHY 114 and BIO 432 ASU Online classes. She had tests and assignments due.

Though her professors were more than willing to give her extensions and work with her needs, she didn't feel that she should use their offers unless there was no other choice.

“The Marine Corps always taught me to 'figure it out',” Osgood said. “You don't make excuses or feel bad for yourself, you just take the situation that you've been handed and make it work.”

Osgood completed assignments and took a test right there in the NICU and finished all three courses with A+'s.

"Nikki graduated from ASU in summer 2021, but the impact she had on the online student community still lives on,” Austin said. “Nikki is one of those individuals who is truly one of a kind, and I'm excited to see the impact she will have on the greater scientific community.”

Jenny Green

Clinical associate professor, School of Molecular Sciences