Creating a dance 'laboratory' 

After years of being a professional dancer for different artists and crews, Quijada felt torn between different worlds of dance and endeavored to create a space of his own to develop his style led by the philosophy that all dance is valid and different types can be harmonious together. In 2002, he formed his company Rubberband in Montreal, after the nickname he was given as a young b-boy, or breakdancer, because he “dances like a rubberband.”

“It was important that I started Rubberband as this laboratory for me to put those ideas together and put dancers from different backgrounds together. I had all this information in my body that was coming out of choreography, movement (and) vocabulary that I needed to see amplified in more bodies,” Quijada said. 

Rubberband is characterized by Quijada's method, breaking down the barriers between competing dance styles and taking the foundations from traditional dance forms to create something entirely new. He has taught throughout the world in university programs, workshops and master classes.

“I take genes from one end of the spectrum towards classical forms like ballet, contemporary and modern point, and then I take genes from hip-hop dances like breaking and popping and even other genes from martial arts, yoga and capoeira and put them all together to create something new,” said Quijada. “I was trying to create and reinforce this identity that was far away from the beginning points of these genres but like it was its own distinct dance, language and identity."

“Reckless Underdog” is a show that aims to tear down the barriers of what we think dance is and is not, and carries the audience on a powerful journey of self-reflection and raw emotion.

“I believe every audience member comes with their own story, comes with their own history, comes with their own baggage, and I'm hoping that each and every one will get their own personal journey through the show,” said Quijada. “I hope they will get something very profound and very impactful and very deep and they'll walk away from the show like, ‘I wasn't expecting that’ or ‘I didn’t think that was possible.’”

“Reckless Underdog” debuts Saturday, April 1, at ASU Gammage. Tickets are on sale now at

Emily Mai

Marketing and Communications Assistant, ASU Gammage