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ASU, Wexford Science & Technology launch program to fuel life science pursuits at Phoenix Bioscience Core

Bioscience Growth Accelerator to help life science startups expand, relocate to Arizona

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Arizona State University and Wexford Science & Technology LLC announced the Bioscience Growth Accelerator, a new program for life science startups moving or expanding to Arizona to partner with Wexford and co-locate with ASU.

November 18, 2022

In a move heralding the latest development at the Phoenix Bioscience Core (PBC), a 30-acre medical education and research campus in the heart of the city’s downtown area, Arizona State University and Wexford Science & Technology LLC have announced the launch of the Bioscience Growth Accelerator, a new program for life science startups moving or expanding to Arizona to partner with Wexford and co-locate with ASU.

The Bioscience Growth Accelerator will be located inside the Connect Labs by Wexford at 850 PBC, the 225,000-square-foot building that opened in March of 2021 through a partnership between ASU, the city of Phoenix and Wexford to house space for research and entrepreneurial activity.

“Wexford has seen in other markets that sometimes these startups, especially in the life science sector, have a hard time making it to the next step because of the high cost of lab build-outs and lab equipment. The Bioscience Growth Accelerator is designed to be a bridge and grow the ecosystem,” said Wexford Vice President and Market Executive Kyle Jardine. “Bringing this program to Phoenix along with Connect Labs will provide more resources, connectivity and support for the city’s growing life science community.”

Companies who are accepted into the Bioscience Growth Accelerator program will receive a number of key benefits aimed at lowering the cost of starting or expanding a company and increasing access to key resources and connections. These include:

  • A free lab bench and private office for three months with a one-year commitment.
  • Access to key services such as shared equipment, ASU Core Facilities and concierge services.
  • Access to biomedical-related research, as well as academic and clinical facilities aimed at advancing human health and bioscience.

Connect Labs will fill the entire fifth floor of 850 PBC and will function as a co-working space for 15 or more life science companies. The Bioscience Growth Accelerator (BGA) program will also include opportunities to build professional networks, provide access to talent and offer workforce development training.

Sense Neuro Diagnostics is the first company to be accepted into the program. It develops non-invasive technology enabling rapid, comprehensive detection of stroke subtype and traumatic brain injury, as well as continuous brain injury monitoring. The Cincinnati-based company announced in August 2021 that it raised $2.43 million from the U.S. military to advance its technology in the field.

Connect Labs’ first group of companies will move into the space in December. When open and full, Connect Labs will be home to over 15 life science, health tech and other companies and will add to the exciting dynamics of the Phoenix Bioscience Core.

The space has core lab equipment available for all companies to use, private labs and offices, common conference spaces and amenities, and two workforce training labs for the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation LabForce program.

This is the first Connect Labs in the country for Wexford, which specializes in developing and operating knowledge communities alongside university partners. It currently has projects with the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in Philadelphia, Washington University and the University of Missouri St. Louis, as well as many other markets.

“We have a very unique real estate asset with lab space, office space and clinical facilities that is not found in many communities,” said Aric Bopp, executive director of economic development and Innovation Zones for ASU. “We are fortunate to have a world-class development partner like Wexford building state-of-the-art life sciences and biotech space in a dynamic city like Phoenix with a university focused on innovation, access and impact.”

In addition to 850 PBC, Wexford Science & Technology has a letter of intent to develop second and third buildings for ASU on the northern portion of the Phoenix Bioscience Core. These future developments, which are still in the design phases, could be as high as 12 to 14 stories and include university and private labs and office space. Additional parts of the plan include ample public spaces, such as a green space, conference center and ground-floor retail.

For more information about how to apply to the Bioscience Growth Accelerator or to reserve a space in the Connect Labs at 850 PBC, contact Kyle Jardine at or 480 779-7181.

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