"With the arrival of TSMC, Bank of Taiwan, Sunlit and many additional supply chain companies, our city is strengthened by the booming Taiwanese community in Phoenix and the friendship of the Taiwanese people. Phoenix is well-positioned to care for these new residents and businesses, thanks to academic and economic partners, including ASU," Gallego said.

"Our work with ASU is providing solutions to address the high demand for advanced manufacturing talent. Training on state-of-the-art equipment is critical for technology jobs, especially in semiconductor chips manufacturing. ASU is a key partner elevating the Phoenix region’s competitiveness in attracting companies and delivering the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.

The event was attended by nearly 700 community members. Moving forward, ASU intends to hold this event annually. 

“The city’s first annual celebration of Double Ten Day was an incredible success," said Councilwoman Ann O'Brien, who represents District 1 in north Phoenix. "Hundreds of people from all different backgrounds came to learn and celebrate with the Taiwanese community. As our Taiwanese community grows in population in north Phoenix, it is so important to hold cultural events like this to welcome our new residents and to open the world to our current residents.”

Emily Balli

Manager of marketing and communications, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences