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An education worth waiting for

Watts College graduate student brings passion, compassion to her work, studies

Portrait of ASU student Nadine Orth in a library.
August 11, 2022

Editor's note: ASU News is highlighting some of its notable incoming students for fall 2022.

Nadine Orth wanted to attend Arizona State University ever since she was a senior in high school but had to put it off to care for her ailing grandmother.

The California native received her bachelor’s degree from Ashford University in San Diego but can now make a fresh start.

She recently enrolled at ASU’s Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, where she will pursue a master’s degree in social work.

Orth says the wait was worth it.

“The program offered at Watts College aligns with my life, so it all fell into place,” said Orth, who now resides in east Mesa. “I was extremely impressed with the internship opportunities because I really want to help people.”

She’ll have plenty opportunities to do just that. Orth is reviewing several internships for various local nonprofits in an effort to bolster her education and help her navigate the varied field of social work.

Orth spoke to ASU News about her journey, expectations and how she’s fulfilling her longtime dream by becoming a Sun Devil.

Question: Why did you choose ASU?

Answer: Honestly, I’ve always wanted to go to ASU. (During) my senior year of high school I actually came to view the campus, but I was living in California and didn't want to leave due to caregiving for my ill grandmother. As life has it, I ended up in Arizona. So when I was looking for a graduate program, naturally, ASU was the first place I wanted to look. Not only do they have the program I was looking for, but the scheduling worked out as well. After speaking to the admissions counselor, advisers and people within the program, I loved it even more and realized I wanted to attend ASU.

Q: What are you most excited to experience your first semester?

A: I am most excited to experience the internship! I have worked with a variety of organizations, but I am thrilled to navigate through a new facet of the social work world. I never realized how far it extended, and I am excited to explore and truly identify my concentration. 

Q: What do you like to brag about to friends about ASU?

A: I mean, it’s ASU. When you think Arizona schools, you think ASU. 

Q: What talents and skills are you bringing to the ASU community?

A: Having worked in a variety of environments and with an array of cultures, I feel I am bringing a well-versed and compassionate touch to an already amazing program! 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish during your college years?

A: I have a great passion for helping people, but I don’t think I really found my calling with it. I hope that through internships with different organizations, diving deeper into the social work field, I will discover my calling. I am confident I will find what is truly going to bring me the most happiness so that I can bring people the most happiness.

Q: What’s one interesting fact about yourself that only your friends know?

A: Being a medic on the military side and in the social work field on the civilian side, I have a deep passion for helping people. 

Q: If someone gave you $40 million to solve one problem in our world, what would you choose?

A: Forty million. That’s a lot of money to throw at one problem. I feel as though there are so many problems in the world that could benefit from a little bit of funding to help them get to their next step to help reach stability. If I had to choose one problem, I would like to help provide stability and take preventative measures to ensure our youth are less susceptible to becoming homeless. 

Top photo: Incoming School of Social Work graduate student Nadine Orth is photographed on the Downtown Phoenix campus on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU News

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