During the closing ceremony, many expressed the affection they had for their new friends, remembered the memories they created and touched on how life-changing it was to learn alongside people from diverse cultures. They promised to remain in touch with one another and hoped to meet again soon through other programs. 

“I have met so many people from different parts of the world, and that is what made this experience the best,” said Daniela Hernandez from Universidad Internacional del Ecuador. “At the end of the day, what makes a place unforgettable is who surrounds you.” 

“In two weeks we became so united and such a close-knit group that I don’t know how I will return to Mexico now that the program is over," said Salvador Rodriguez from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. "This full experience made us a huge family, and now I know I don’t only have a home in Mexico, but I also have a home in Vietnam, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Philippines — everywhere.” 

Students said they were thankful to ASU for organizing such an enriching program, and to their universities and Cintana Education for giving them the opportunity to be part of such an incredible educational experience.

“Thank you, ASU, for giving me a lot of motivation to keep moving forward on my career path,” said Thu Dang from the University of Economics and Finance in Vietnam. 

“What a great inaugural program,” said Lois Malone, assistant director of special projects in the Office of Global Academic Initiatives. “The participants were so enthusiastic about the program, and they were a highlight of the summer. The quality, motivation, enthusiasm and diligence of the students was amazing and commented on by many ASU stakeholders that got to meet them.

"We're excited for future opportunities to inspire students and strengthen our partnerships with international universities through this program.”

The program was hosted by ASU Global Launch, with support from the ASU School of Sustainability, the School for the Future of Innovation in SocietyThunderbird School of Global Management, the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment and Food for the Hungry. For more information about the ASU-Cintana Alliance, please visit the ASU Global website.

Samantha Talavera

Asst. Director, Global Marketing and Communications, Global Academic Initiatives