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ASU's Wentz honored with mentoring award in geographic information sciences

Elizabeth Wentz, vice provost and dean of the Graduate College, honored by University Consortium for Geographic Information Science

Elizabeth A. Wentz, vice provost and dean of the Graduate College

Elizabeth A. Wentz is vice provost and dean of the Graduate College and professor at the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

June 08, 2022

Elizabeth A. Wentz, vice provost and dean of the Graduate College and professor at the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, has been awarded the Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award by the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science. 

“I’m honored to receive this award in recognition of the hard work and dedication of my mentees and students. Their success and their contributions to the field of geography and GISgeographic information science has driven a significant part of my career,” Wentz said.

The Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award is presented by the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, a nonprofit organization that creates and supports communities of practice for graphic information systems science research, education and policy endeavors in higher education.

The award is given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional mentoring abilities and practices on the student level, the university level and geospatial community level. The award's namesake, Carolyn Merry, a professor emeritus of civil, environmental and geodetic engineering at Ohio State University, embodied the spirit of scholars as a scientist, educator and academic leader.

Wentz has demonstrated “exceptional and distinguishing characteristics as a role model as well as her commitment and action towards mentoring activities in every arena of her academic life and over a record of many years,” the award announcement stated.

This is not the first time Wentz has been recognized for her mentorship excellence. In 2016–17, she was bestowed the Graduate College Outstanding Doctoral Mentor Award. Her visionary approach to geographic information science research has helped propel the field forward, creating a generation of academics and practitioners who are changing the everyday life of these communities. She is also a proud champion of broadening participation in STEM education and promotes the success of diverse scholars in geographic information science.        

The Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award, along with other UCGIS awards, will be presented in a ceremony session during 2022 UCGIS Symposium to be held June 7–9 in Syracuse, New York.

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