Featured performance experiences included the ASU Gospel Choir, ASU Wind Ensemble, Creative Practices (dance), Movement Practices (dance), ASU Percussion Studio and ASU Saxophone Ensemble. The performances, while not interactive, were designed so that audience members could experience them in unique spaces and acoustics.

Interactive participatory installations were created by student artists Jacob Buttry, Sophia Callesen, Kristina Friedgen, Abby Myers, Sadie Azersky, Alejandro Parra and Zoey Schafer

Food trucks El Pastorcito Taqueria and Totally Rolled Ice Cream provided food near the Music Building, and free mocktails were available at a "speakeasy" at the ASU Art Museum.

Faculty coordinators for the event included Caslor, Karimi, Mary Fitzgerald, professor and director of the dance program, Carley Condor, clinical assistant professor of dance, Michael Compitello, assistant professor of percussion, and Nathan Myers, assistant professor of voice.

“My hope is that our students begin to build connections with colleagues outside of their central discipline,” Caslor said. “I believe beautiful things can happen when we move out of our comfort zone and begin to explore the different ways our unique talents can connect with people and art forms new to us.”

The duo hopes to continue this event and other fun, collaborative events each year.

“This is just the beginning,” Karimi said.

Above: The ASU Wind Ensemble and Carley Conder's Creative Practices III dance class collaborated on Jody Rockmaker's "Gestures" for performance at the first ASU Mash Up event in the ASU Organ Hall.

Written by Lynne MacDonald and Lacy Chaffee of the Herberger Institute.