“Since arriving on the ASU campus in 1971 as a new assistant professor, Robert Cialdini has been giving to the Department of Psychology — through his ground-breaking research, compelling teaching and mentoring, and generous service to the broader community. Cialdini represents everything ASU social psychology strives to be,” said Steven Neuberg, Foundation Professor of psychology and chair of the ASU Department of Psychology.

The event celebrated Cialdini’s role in pushing the social psychology area forward and also took a look at the future of social psychology and what his support enables the department to do. His generous philanthropic gifts, with his wife, Bobette Gorden, have launched the Psych for Life Initiative, built a Student Success Center within the department, created the Psychology LEAP Forward Fund, and enabled seed funding for student-generated research projects.

Naming the social psychology labs in Cialdini’s honor aims to continue the goal of using full-cycle psychology — bringing studies out into the world and showing people ethical ways to use psychology. 

Cialdini was modest in accepting the surprise praise extended his way, making sure that all know his work and success were also made possible by his life partnership with Gorden. 

“Bobette’s middle name is Joy – and there is onomatopoeia there. She’s been my helpmate, my teammate, my playmate and my soulmate. I wouldn’t be here without Bobette Joy Gorden,” said Cialdini.


For a recap stream of the event, watch this video.

Robert Ewing

Marketing and Communications Manager, Department of Psychology