More to come

“I think Camila’s work really sets us up to assist entities, whether they be countries or companies, in quantitatively measuring the impact of conservation interventions on different metrics, whether they need biodiversity or climate mitigation, or other types of conservation strategies,” Gerber said. “I'm optimistic that we'll be able to build and scale this to improve conservation outcomes more generally.”

“Camila, for example, in the summer, will be working on a collaborative USAID project with Conservation International in Peru, and we're going to be applying a similar approach to identify green economic growth pathways.” 

Their approach is another prime example of ASU’s commitment to advance research to finding practical solutions for today's urgent social, economic and environmental challenges.

“So, in that sense, Camila’s foundational work is not only novel, but also represents a practical foundation for broad applications globally,” Gerber said. “We're exploring applications in several other countries and for additional sustainable development goals. By coupling this work with market-based incentives, this work offers to rapidly accelerate our ability to achieve sustainable development goals.”

Joe Caspermeyer

Manager (natural sciences), Media Relations & Strategic Communications