9 ASU classes to learn more about our Earth

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Each year, Earth Day is on April 22. But at The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, there are ways to continue learning about what makes our Earth so great and how to help her year-round.

Here are nine classes about the Earth and sustainability at The College that you can take in the upcoming fall semester:

Natural Sciences – Quantitative

  • SES 121: Earth, Solar System and Universe — fall 2022 session C
    The course is purposely designed to be rather holistic, exploring concepts from stellar evolution, atmosphere and oceans on Earth and in extraterrestrial objects to plate tectonics, volcanoes and mountain building.

  • GLG 110: Dangerous World — fall 2022 session C 
    This course analyzes ecological studies as they apply to interactions between humans and Earth. Topics include geological processes and hazards, resources and global change.

  • SES 106: Habitable Worlds — fall 2022 session B
    As we struggle to build a sustainable future for ourselves, all of us are finding out how technologically advanced civilizations rise and how they might fall. In this course, students master basic concepts from across the major areas of science and learn what makes the Earth a habitable world. 

Social-Behavioral Sciences and Global Awareness

  • PUP 190: Sustainable Cities — fall 2022 session C
    This course introduces technological, social and cultural principles and innovations for cities under the notion of sustainability and sustainable development within the global, regional and local contexts.

  • GCU 364: Energy in the Global Arena — fall 2022 session C
    This course explores production, transportation and consumption of energy, emphasizing the electric power industry and its environmental problems.

  • GCU 102: Introduction to Human Geography — fall 2022 session C
    This course offers a systematic study of human use of the Earth, including spatial organization of economic, social, political and perceptual environments. 


  • BIO 324: Environmental Ethics — fall 2022 session C
    This course examines a full range of philosophical positions pertaining to our moral relationship to the natural world, including anthropocentrism, individualism and biocentrism.

  • *ENG 367: Environmental Issues in Literature and Film — fall 2022 session C
    This course evaluates literary texts and films that address interconnected cultural, historical and environmental issues. *Pre-req: ENG 102, 105 or 108 with C or better.

  • *GPH 314: Global Change — fall 2022 session C
    This course teaches the response of Earth's natural systems (such as its atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere) to past environmental change, and the effects of potential future changes. *Pre-req: 45 hours. 

You can find these classes through Class Search by entering the subject and number. There you can find class availability and sections.

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