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Family's health journey led ASU grad on path to becoming a medical doctor

Lexi Brown received the ASU Alumni Association Medallion Scholarship all four years

Lexi Brown

Fall 2021 graduate and ASU Alumni Medallion Scholar Lexi Brown.

November 30, 2021

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable fall 2021 graduates.

Medallion Scholar and fall 2021 graduate Lexi Brown decided to pursue a career as a doctor after witnessing her own family face medical-related issues. 

“Over the course of more than five years, my stepmom struggled with fertility and went through multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments,” Brown said. “Watching a family member undergo these series of procedures was my deciding factor to ultimately major in medical studies at the ASU College of Health Solutions.”  

Before starting at ASU and to further explore her interest of working in the medical field, Brown attended a medical camp at Johns Hopkins University and served as a hospice volunteer during her high school years. Her combined experiences allowed her to see different aspects of a career in her chosen field. 

Growing up in Glendale, Arizona, it was important for Brown that she stay close to home for college. She particularly loved the frequent activities and smaller size of ASU’s West campus, where she spent a lot of time at Fletcher Library and Starbucks studying and hanging out with her friends.   

Brown was amazed at how helpful her professors were at ASU. 

“In high school, the teachers often tried to prepare us for college by saying we would be ‘on our own’ at college and that we wouldn’t receive help or guidance in classes, but that wasn’t true in my experience,” Brown said. 

She found that her professors were more than willing to help her and were rooting for her success.

One professor that Brown especially appreciated was Jack Gilbert, who she says taught her a valuable lesson that can be applied outside the classroom. 

“He showed me the value in asking for help and checking on others when things get complicated,” she said.  

She believes that Gilbert’s message is something other students should take with them throughout their education. Brown encourages others to ask for help when they need it and to try to do their best. 

“The mountains of homework and studying can seem never ending, but if you manage your time and do your best, you will get through it,” she said.

Graduation from ASU is soon approaching for Brown and she is looking forward to continuing her education at Midwestern University where she will work toward her master’s degree, and she plans to attend medical school shortly thereafter.  

When asked what she would do with $40 million to solve one problem on our planet, she said: “I would attempt to cure cancer or at least move us in the right direction towards a cure."

Perhaps one day, the future Dr. Brown will find a cure. 

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