While it is uncertain to know what may capture the imagination of an individual student, it could begin with an interesting topic, a field trip or maybe a giant vinyl floor map of Arizona. 

Fuller Elementary teacher Evans’s message to teachers who have never participated in the Arizona Geographic Alliance’s programming or used the giant floor map of Arizona is simple and clear: “Take a risk.” 

“Participate in their training, drive to ASU, pick up that map and do it. You won't regret it.” 

In addition to the people mentioned in this article, the Arizona Geographic Alliance recognizes the contributions of Cathy Davis, the former alliance executive secretary, ASU geography faculty and staff, and the growing network of teacher consultants and teachers. If you are interested in getting involved or attending the 2022 annual conference on Feb 5, visit the Arizona Geographic Alliance website at geoalliance.asu.edu. There is also a donation link to support this work. 

David Rozul

Media Relations Officer, Media Relations and Strategic Communications