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ASU Prep Digital student reaches millions on her podcast

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October 18, 2021

At the age of 7, Neva Lee Recla started her own podcast, "Super Power Kids." Now, at the age of 11, the ASU Prep Digital student’s podcast has over 2 million downloads. 

As the host of her podcast, Neva includes information that is relevant to both child and adult listeners. The goal of her podcast is to “inspire all kids and adults to be themselves.”

The idea to start her own podcast at such a young age came from watching her mother create podcasts first. 

“I wanted to start a podcast because I saw the impact it was making. I thought that I could help have that same impact on kids,” Neva said. “Plus, I thought the show could show kids what is possible and that we all have superpowers!”

Both Neva and her mother, Tonya Dawn Recla, host podcasts under the Phoenix-based Superpower Network, a podcasting network created by Tonya that aims to help people with inspired personal development. 

“Neva and the podcast grew up together. I started my show in January 2016, when Neva was 6. One year later, she began the Super Power Kids show,” Tonya said. 

“Neva is fearless in her pursuits and grounded in her approach. She has an incredibly strong sense of self and soul purpose.” 

Neva has recorded 100 episodes of her podcast and has interviewed Cathy Lee Crosby, the original Wonder Woman from the 1974 TV film, and the founder of CEOSpace, Berny Dohrmann, among others. She said the podcast had more than 2 million downloads in 2020. 

Neva Lee Recla on a graphic that says Thanks for listening. Super Power Kids can change the world.

Along with podcasting, Tonya also inspired Neva to one day attend college. 

“She heard me talk about my experiences being a student leader at ASU, graduating from Barrett and then completing my graduate program there. Apparently I made it sound attractive enough that she wants to have her own college experience,” Tonya said. 

After deciding she was interested in attending college one day, Neva and her family discovered ASU Prep Digital.

“When I started ASU Prep in 2020, I was able to learn the structure of an actual school and had the freedoms that home school gave me,” Neva said. “I am able to work on my business and have free time. It is the best of both worlds!”

Before starting with ASU Prep Digital, Neva was home-schooled; however, it didn’t take long for her to learn the ropes of online school. Neva has also gained the support of various teachers. 

“Neva is a great student, but not just because of her academic performance or high grades. She's a naturally curious learner and has an open mind when considering new ideas and viewpoints,” said Jim Warthen, ASU Prep Digital instructor of social studies, coding, artificial intelligence and robotics.

So what’s next for the eighth grader? Neva said she’s starting another podcast for listeners who are her age. 

“I am planning on starting another podcast, a grown-up version of "Super Power Kids" called "Leave it to Neva." I am gonna talk about my life and help other preteens and teens figure out theirs,” Neva said.

Aside from podcasting, Neva is an entrepreneur and published author. Her book, “When Pigs Fly,” is a guide for parents on how to inspire their children to become an entrepreneur. Neva’s work was featured in the Podcast Magazine: Beyond the Microphone. Hear her work at the Superpower Network.

Written by Madeleine Williamson, ASU Student Life. 

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