ASU sponsors free memberships to New York Academy of Sciences for faculty, postdocs, grad students

The academy's Science Alliance program provides access to programming, content and professional development resources

New York Academy of Sciences

Arizona State University is partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences to sponsor complimentary one-year memberships for all interested graduate students, postdocs and faculty.

The academy, founded in 1817, has helped scientists, engineers and innovators pursue successful careers. Among the oldest scientific organizations in the United States, the academy has become an important and widely respected contributor to the international scientific community. Former academy members include U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, and scientific pioneers Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin and Margaret Mead.

“At ASU, we are always looking for opportunities to empower our students, postdocs and faculty to advance research and discovery,” said Elizabeth A. Wentz, vice provost and dean of the Graduate College.

“Partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences through their Science Alliance program to provide free memberships gives our scholarly community access to the academy’s world-class resources,” Wentz said. 

Through its Science Alliance network, the New York Academy of Sciences supports universities as they prepare young scientists and engineers for successful STEM careers by aligning scientific training with workforce needs through webinars, workshops and other opportunities offered throughout the year by the academy and its partner institutions.

"Science Alliance works to empower early-career researchers to succeed in their careers and help design their future,” said Srikant Iyer, associate director of Science Alliance. “We create learning communities through cross-institutional connections and skill development workshops to be changemakers within the STEM ecosystem.”

ASU students, postdocs and faculty can sign up for the membership at

Academy members have access to a number of benefits:

  • ​​Career readiness training: Career development resources, including online courses and webinars to help you acquire the skills you’ll need to succeed in a STEM-related field.

  • Webinars and programs: Discounted and/or free registration on all of the academy’s upcoming events featuring the latest research presented at the academy. For the time being, all 2021 events will be presented through online platforms while some previously scheduled events are being postponed to a later date.

Written by Jenna Nabors

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