How does MyPath2ASU work?

Hear from a former transfer student who used the MyPath2ASU tool for her transfer to ASU


Maria Perez Martinez is a former transfer student from Cochise College who was part of the MyPath2ASU program. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering from Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Perez Martinez shares how you can make your transfer process more convenient through three important transfer tips. First, how MyPath2ASU will support your transfer to ASU. Second, the power of ASU transfer tool technologies and how you can benefit from them. And third, the connected MyPath2ASU experience.

With MyPath2ASU, students create a seamless transfer experience to ASU after earning college or university credits or an associate degree. Choose from more than 400 pathways into an on-campus, online or ASU Local ASU degree program, and have access to personalized benefits to help students navigate the transfer experience and to stay on track toward earning their bachelor’s degree. 

Perez Martinez shares how she understands the time and cost commitments of pursuing a bachelor's degree. She identifies how MyPath2ASU benefits like picking a major of your choice, personalized course-by-course guided transfer maps and the opportunity to achieve guaranteed admission into ASU can help you with your academic progress to achieve your ASU bachelor's degree to help you with your future career goals.  

Planning your transfer with MyPath2ASU connects your academic progress to ASU while becoming part of a personalized learning journey. Students become part of the ASU transfer student ecosystem through the use of ASU transfer technologies and meaningful connections that evolve as you get closet to transfer.

Watch this video to learn how you can seamlessly start planning your transfer to ASU on day one of your community college journey and how simple the MyPath2ASU sign-up process is, only taking about five minutes.

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