The road ahead 

Larson will miss her colleagues, students and teaching, but says she’s grateful for the friendships she’s been able to maintain over the years. 

When asked what lies ahead after retirement, Larson doesn’t hesitate: “Lots of traveling.”

Some of her plans already include traveling to Italy or Morocco in the winter, and then spending some time teaching English to children on a small island in Brazil alongside another retired ASU faculty member.

“I want to keep traveling, I’ll take any opportunity that's offered to travel and go somewhere,” Larson said. “I’ll go anywhere I can and if there isn’t an opportunity, I’ll create one to travel. I could even see myself working with immigrants at the border.” 

And for Larson, she says, at the center of her travels, “there will always be service.”

Whether in Tempe or across the southern border or around the globe, Larson’s commitment to others is evident, palpable and clear.

“It’s just second nature, it makes me feel like I’m doing something for humanity,” Larson said. “Service, that's me.”

David Rozul

Communications Specialist, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning