April 26, 2021

ASU president, advisory council discuss commitments in new video series

In a year that has put a glaring spotlight on America's long and troubled history with systemic racism and social injustice, ASU President Michael Crow announced a commitment in fall 2020 to contribute to a national agenda for equity, diversity and inclusion and accelerate meaningful change throughout the ASU community. 

Twenty-five actions advocated by and for students, staff and faculty leaders across ASU has since become the LIFT initiative, a programmatic pathway in the strides toward structural and effectual change at ASU.

An acronym for Listen, Invest, Facilitate and Teach, LIFT is elevating conversations around the importance and significance of this transformation for the lived experiences of ASU’s Black students, faculty and staff. 

President Crow and members of the Advisory Council on African American Affairs are sharing these conversations in a series of video discussions now available for viewing on the website for the Office of the President.

Here is what they had to say:

ASU President Michael Crow

LIFT Initiative: Listen

LIFT Initiative: Invest

LIFT Initiative: Facilitate

LIFT Initiative: Teach

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