Both Bruner and Blakeman are grateful for the opportunity to complete the project, the first in the Desert Humanities series. Bruner said the project was the most enjoyable project he’s worked on in his seven years at Arizona State University.

“I hope this is a small contribution towards a different imagination of this place,” Bruner said. “I also think this project, and the larger craft book series that the Desert Humanities Initiative is producing, is valuable as a space in which scholars and artists can try something different. I wanted to pursue a project that challenged me in new ways, both in terms of how I worked and in terms of style.”

They extend their thanks to Institute for Humanities Research Director Ron Broglio and to Tyler Owens, who designed the layout, for helping make the project a reality.

Some photos from the book can be viewed on Blakeman’s website and more information about the project is available through the IHR.

Rachel Bunning

Communications program coordinator, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies