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Chemistry professor Ian Gould named 2012 Professor of the Year

April 18, 2012

Parents Association applauds 29 professors’ teaching and research excellence at annual event

The Arizona State University Parents Association honored Ian Gould, professor of chemistry and biochemistry in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as the 2012 Professor of the Year for his lifelong commitment to science and his ability to inspire students to become innovative in often-difficult chemistry classes.

With his internationally recognized career and extensive ongoing research, Gould provides tremendous vision and direction to ASU students. Through passionate and inspirational classroom instruction, he demonstrates a powerful devotion to undergraduate students and inspires each to excel both in and out of the classroom.

“The students are number one. I’ve learned something from every one of them,” said Gould, receiving the honor before more than 200 ASU faculty, students, staff, administrators, parents, friends and other nominees at the Faculty Excellence Awards. “I didn’t prepare to win. There were a lot of nominees, and statistically it seemed improbable.”

Parents Association Special Recognition awards also were presented to Lenore Dai, professor of chemical engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and Danwen Jiang, professor of music in the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts. Information and a video about the 29 nominees can be found at

Originally from the United Kingdom, Gould has received honors for his distinguished work, including the Organic Chemistry Prize in 1977 from Manchester University and the Gramatacakis Neumann Award in 1985 from the European Photochemical Association. Gould also won a CLAS Distinguished Teaching Award in 2002 and appointment to ASU’s President’s Professors in 2005.

After a substantial research career at Eastman Kodak, Gould joined ASU in 1998 offering students a strong industry perspective of science, resulting in his on-site and online classes filling quickly. While teaching, Gould takes time from his personal life to ensure he allows for one-on-one meetings with any student that requires his assistance. Gould, who received his doctorate in 1980 from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, was promoted to full professor at ASU in 2004.

The ASU Parents Association awarded the first Professor of the Year in 1994. Thanks to the continued generosity of ASU families and the participation of ASU students, faculty and staff, the ASU Parents Association bestows this prestigious honor annually. Four undergraduate students and three faculty colleagues contributed letters in support of Gould’s nomination. These letters were considered by the committee of parents, other Professors of the Year and scholarship students in recognizing Gould.

By Lindsay Ivins, editorial intern, ASU Foundation for A New American University,