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Burrow in the running to be faculty, staff's 'Most Spirited Sun Devil'

Haley and Sparky
September 05, 2013

After weeks of deliberation, it is time to meet the first of four finalists who will go on to compete for the title of ASU faculty and staff’s "Most Spirited Sun Devil." Haley Burrow, a community director for University Housing, shows her Sun Devil pride every day, whether she’s toting her maroon and gold lunch pail around campus or participating in "Tweet your seat" at ASU football games.

A native of south Arkansas, Burrow joined the ASU community a little over a year ago and has since devoted herself to promoting Sun Devil spirit and tradition everywhere she goes, even sporting gold on Fridays when visiting family and friends back in Arkansas.

Congratulations Haley, and thank you for being a great example of Sun Devil spirit!  

To learn more about this die-hard Devil, check out our Q&A with her below.

Q: How do you show your Sun Devil spirit?

A: I have a gold pitchfork on my car and I also promote Sun Devil Athletics like a crazy person! I have had over 15 housing team members obtain or renew season tickets for football this year. My office is completely decorated in ASU athletic memorabilia, including a giant ASU rug. I even had a sorority shirt made in gold with ASU fabric.

Q: Why is having spirit important? 

A: I think that having spirit and showing pride is important because it creates a unique atmosphere. It also provides our students with an example to follow in creating an affinity to ASU. I can only hope that they love being a Sun Devil as much as I do.

Q: Why do you love being a Sun Devil? 

A: I absolutely love being a Sun Devil because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I love Division I athletics, I love our department, I love my student staff and I love being a spirit captain. It adds to my experience here and I could not have asked for a better university to work for!

Q: What is your favorite ASU tradition? 

A: My favorite ASU tradition has to be Anything but Casual Fridays. Each week I send out a “Wear GOLD” reminder to everyone in the housing department, along with my student staff and some of my friends in the Alumni Association. I usually re-write popular songs to describe how wearing Gold on Friday is the only way to go! This has become one of the highlights of the week.

Q: What ASU event/s do you most look forward to? 

A: I look forward to Homecoming week the most. This is such an amazing way to get involved as a staff member and you get to really interact with students on a more social level. Each signature event is a blast to attend and you can really see the students promoting ASU throughout our communities.

Q: What is your fondest ASU memory? 

A: My fondest ASU memory to date has to be when I was recognized with the Spirit, Pride and Tradition Award at the 2012-2013 Residential Life Final Staff Retreat. It was an extremely proud moment for me, since I have worked extremely hard to promote ASU and bleed Maroon and Gold since I started working here.

Q: What makes you the Most Spirited Sun Devil? 

A: I believe I am the most spirited Sun Devil because I am always promoting ASU wherever I go. Whether I’m driving down the street with my pitchfork posted on my car, or sitting in my office alongside my wall of ASU athletic posters, I am a Sun Devil with Spirit through and through.

Q: Maroon or Gold? 

A: Gold!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share about ASU spirit/Sun Devil pride? 

A: I am so honored to be selected as a finalist for the faculty/staff Most Spirited Sun Devil Award. I can’t wait for ASU to take home the Pac-12 Championship this year, so Go Devils!