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ASU fans in Maryland can receive Sparky car care kit with license plate

March 25, 2015

While Arizona State University’s official mascot Sparky the Sun Devil lives in the desert near the Phoenix metropolitan area, he also has a place in his heart for former Sun Devils in the Old Line State.

Maryland Sun Devils have had the option to purchase an ASU-themed license plate for several years, and now, as part of a drive to achieve a total of 500 ASU plates on Maryland roads, the ASU Alumni Association is offering a Sparky Car Care Kit to any state resident who buys an ASU collegiate (“Sparky”) license plate in Maryland.

Those who purchase the ASU specialty license plate between April 2 and June 30 will receive a Sparky Car Care Kit, which includes an ASU license plate holder, an ASU car freshener and an ASU-themed sunshade.

The out-of-state ASU plates provide alumni and other ASU enthusiasts with a visible way to show their support for ASU and extend the influence of the university, according to Christine K. Wilkinson, president of the ASU Alumni Association.

"We have nearly 2,000 alumni living in Maryland and many more Sun Devil fans,” said Wilkinson. “This collegiate license plate allows them to reconnect with their alma mater and proudly display to others that they are supporters of Arizona State University."

The ASU license plate in Maryland officially is licensed by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and is available by submitting a request for an application to