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Alumni Association announces election results for 2009-10

July 23, 2009

The ASU Alumni Association recently announced the names of those serving on the organization’s Board of Directors as well as its National Alumni Council for the 2009-2010 year.

Terms for board officers, board members and members of the council began on July 1. Christine K. Wilkinson will serve as president of both groups.

Officers elected to lead the Alumni Association board include:

Chair: Bill Kavan ‘92 B.A.
Chair-Elect: Chris Spinella ‘83 B.S.
Treasurer: Gilbert Jimenez ‘67 B.S.
Past-Chair: Maria Hesse ‘77 B.S., ‘84 M.B.A.

They will serve one-year terms in their current office.

Dan Mullen ‘66 B.S. was elected to his first three-year term on the board of directors. The following people are also serving on the board of directors this year: Robert Boschee ’83 B.S., ’85 M.B.A., Barbara Clark ‘84 M.Ed., George Diaz ‘96 B.A., Andy Hanshaw ‘87 B.S., Tara McCullom Plese ‘78 B.A., ‘84 M.P.A., Kathy Paul ‘72 B.S., Martin Quintana ‘87 B.S., ‘04 M.B.A. and Todd Siffren ’91 B.S.

Six new members were elected to three-year terms on the National Alumni Council for 2009-2010. They include: Steven Balthazor ‘91 B.S.E., Christine Devine ‘87 B.A., Kathy Duffy Ybarra ‘81 B.A., Dick Foreman ‘76 B.A., ‘79 M.P.A., Bret Giles ‘87 B.S. and Darren Skarecky ‘94 B.S. They join the following persons already on the council: Dave Benner ‘02 B.S., Charlie Broucek ‘93 B.S., Dave Covert ‘78 B.S., Eddie DeVall ‘93 B.S., Mark Duplissis ‘92 B.A., ‘97 M.Ed., ‘06 Ed.D., Theresa Esparza ‘94 M.Tax., Curtis Frasier ‘77 B.A., Matt Gervin ‘01 B.S., Jonell Lucca ‘95 B.A., Vada O’Hara Manager ‘83 B.S., Phillip Moore ‘66 B.S., ‘67 M.S.E., Jeff Olen ‘96 B.S., Anne Sawkiw ‘99 B.A., James Shaughnessy ‘72 B.A.E., John Sparks ‘57 B.S. and Joseph Udall ‘92 J.D.

Board members also serve as part of the National Alumni Council.

The Board of Directors and National Alumni Council provide governance for the Alumni Association and guide its mission to unite the alumni of Arizona State University.

For more information on the 2009-10 Board of Directors and National Alumni Council, including biographies of board officers and incoming members, visit