ASU Prep Digital grad balanced high school and competitive hockey

May 29, 2020

Though Alejandro Apud spent much of his life in the desert, he was equally at home on the ice. His burgeoning hockey career led him to move away from home in 2018 to play for traveling junior hockey teams based out of first Louisiana then Connecticut. To balance his collegiate athletics and academic pursuits, Apud turned to ASU Prep Digital. He graduated this month along with 291 classmates in the ASU Prep class of 2020.

Apud moved to the Scottsdale area from Mexico when he was in the seventh grade. He moved away his junior year of high school to play for under-21 hockey leagues that often feed players into college teams. This year, he traveled between Arizona and Connecticut to train for his hockey season.  Portrait of ASU Prep Digital graduate and hockey player Alejandro Apud ASU Prep Digital graduate Alejandro Apud. Download Full Image

Though he was far from home and one of the youngest players on his team, the experience provided Apud many opportunities to travel around the East Coast to compete. “It’s a pathway to college,” said Apud, who recently turned 18. 

While Apud is a serious and focused scholar, his rigorous hockey practice schedule required greater flexibility than what could be provided by an average high school. With practices going from about 8 a.m. to noon, there was no time to go to a local school. That’s what led him to ASU Prep Digital. 

“It allowed me to keep going to school. … It allowed me to manage my time,” he said. “And the main thing that caught my eye is I was able to take college classes at the same time at ASU along with normal classes. I really liked that.”

Apud’s goal is to get a commitment from a D1 school for hockey, and his dream schools are Notre Dame University and Cornell University because of their programs in architecture and civil engineering.

His interest in hockey, engineering and architecture stemmed from the construction of an arena near his home in Mexico when he was growing up. He remembers stopping by the arena after school and watching his father work with architects as the arena was built. Apud was fascinated by the architectural process from start to finish. He had the opportunity to take college classes in civil engineering and environmental engineering through ASU Prep Digital to get a preview of what his future majors would be like.

Once the arena was open to the public, Apud began figure skating there. He saw a hockey team practicing one day and told his parents that he wanted to give it a try. Apud continued playing in Arizona and now plays center and wing for the Connecticut Chiefs in the Eastern Hockey League

“(Hockey) is something that makes me a better person. It gives me a vision, something to work hard for every day … and you can just never get enough of it,” he said. 

Apud said that although time management was an issue for him at first, his ASU Prep Digital counselor sent him some resources that helped him develop a schedule and get disciplined. Now that he’s graduated, he’s looking forward to what’s next and reflecting on a high school experience that he was able to customize for his athletic and academic goals. 

“I just think it was the best option for me,” he said.

Written by Claire Muranaka and Hannah Moulton Belec, EOSS Marketing

Hannah Moulton Belec

Marketing content specialist, Educational Outreach and Student Services


ASU premieres summer concert series with Jason Derulo

Free live event for the ASU community on June 4

May 29, 2020

Arizona State University is kicking off its summer featuring a free concert with multiplatinum singer, songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo, live at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 4.

Live from his studio, Derulo will perform for thousands of members of the ASU community including students, faculty, alumni and staff. Jason Derulo is a multiplatinum powerhouse singer, songwriter and entertainer. His debut single “Whatcha Say” has earned five-time platinum status.

The ASU summer concert series "Live from ASU" was conceived by ASU President Michael Crow as a way to engage with students and the ASU community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each concert will be an opportunity to reinforce ASU’s commitment to students, culture of innovation, as well as provide an interactive shared experience with artists.

The concerts will be produced and livestreamed exclusively to the ASU community at (ASURITE login required) and will include a Q&A session following the performance. Members of the ASU community can begin submitting questions now using the hashtag #ASULiveJason for an opportunity to ask Derulo a question during the Q&A.

“The live concert experience is part of being together — and now we will be together in new ways with technology and innovation,” said Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, ASU vice president for cultural affairs. “We want to bring memorable experiences with lots of energy and fun and a great way to welcome new students, along with the record-breaking enrollment of 57,000-plus ASU students for the summer session."

“ASU is focused on innovative experiences and we want to create opportunities for people to connect during this time,” said Cassandra Aska, deputy vice president and dean of students for the Tempe campus. “We’re thrilled to generate this type of excitement to the ASU community and bring entertainment to the virtual live stage.”

With more than 190 million records sold worldwide, Derulo is a multiplatinum powerhouse singer, songwriter and entertainer. His debut single “Whatcha Say” has now earned five-time platinum status while “Talk Dirty,” “Want To Want Me,” “In My Head” and “Ridin’ Solo” (featuring 2 Chainz) have reached quadruple-platinum status. “Wiggle” (feat. Snoop Dogg) went triple-platinum and “Trumpets” earned a double-platinum certification. Platinum singles include “Marry Me,” “The Other Side,” “It Girl” and “I Don’t Wanna Go Home.”

performer on stage

Courtesy Jason Derulo

The TikTok star’s cumulative streams continue to soar, exceeding 18 billion overall and over 6 billion YouTube views. Derulo's single “Colors” served as the Coca-Cola anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, reaching over 274 million streams across all platforms. On the radio, his music has impacted a total audience of 22 billion-plus listeners with a staggering 4.4 billion spins. Derulo was a featured performer for the Monday Night Football theme, is an investor in many enterprises, including Catch L.A. and Rumble Boxing with Sylvester Stallone and Ashton Kutcher, and he has a partnership with Warner Chappell Music through his publishing company, Future History. His most recent project is "2Sides (Side 1)," a prequel release with six all-new songs, which sets the table for the full length project "2Sides" coming in 2020.

"Live from ASU" will be announcing other artists for upcoming concerts in June.

Marketing Communications Assistant, ASU Gammage