Motivated from her work with Syrian refuges, Navia chose to apply to the Killam Fellowship because she was interested in Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugee Program. According to Navia, this resettlement model is unique to Canada and has contributed to tens of thousands of refugees resettling there over the last few years.

“As a Killam Fellow, I want to gain a more in-depth look at Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees program, as well as volunteer in my local Ottawa community to aid in Canadian refugee resettlement efforts,” she said.

In September, Navia completed the fall orientation for the fellowship in Ottawa, where she met with other Killam Fellows as well as Fulbright Scholars. The group of students listened to panel discussions, visited the Canadian Supreme Court and Canadian Museum of History, went on an indigenous walk tour and even played hockey.

Navia will be spending her entire spring semester in Canada for the program.

“I am really excited about exploring Ottawa and taking advantage of the many opportunities in the city and at my host university, the University of Ottawa,” she said.

Matt Oxford

Manager of marketing and communications, School of Politics and Global Studies