“Learning English in a non-English-speaking country poses many challenges to learners, in particular the inability to practice outside of the classroom with native English speakers and the inability to learn about American culture through interaction with native speakers. By providing language immersion opportunities, such as lectures and field trips around Arizona, participants will find more success in creating their own authentic and meaningful language experiences and will gain a better cultural understanding of Arizona and the U.S.,” said program lead Alissa Nostas.

As part of their research, the educators also presented at the Innovative Practices in K-12 Education conference, which was attended by teachers from countries including Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Uganda, India and Finland.

At the program’s end this month, participants attended a reception to meet local Brazilian expats and hear firsthand accounts of the usefulness of the English language on their road to professional success.

“We hope this experience transforms teachers into leaders and advocates for quality bilingual models for future capacity building in the areas of bilateral education, such as English language, STEM and study in the United States," said Jennifer Uhler, the regional English language officer for the U.S. Embassy in Brazil. "These educators will become trainers and role models for other Brazilian states and municipalities who would like to begin teaching more subjects in English.” 

For more information about the “Bilingualism in Brazilian Public Education” program or Global Launch international partnerships, please contact Dianna Lippincott at dianna.lippincott@asu.edu.

Samantha Talavera

Marketing and Communications Manager, Global Launch