New ASU international travel registration system provides safety net for students

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Imagine these scenarios: An earthquake disrupts the power for days in Chile, a teachers’ strike in Mexico interrupts class for an unknown amount of time, protests in France reroute your commute. If you haven’t told ASU where you are and what you’ll be doing, how can ASU help and support you?

The answer is the new ASU international travel registration system.

Arizona State University now provides a secure system for students traveling outside the United States and its territories to record ASU-related international travel plans. This service, provided by the Study Abroad Office, supports emergency communications and gives registered travelers access to valuable international health, safety and security resources.

“ASU recognizes that more and more of our students are traveling outside of the United States to engage in various kinds of activities related to the university,” said Dan Hart, the associate director of international health, safety and security with the Study Abroad Office. Along with a number of institutions nationwide, ASU is now amping up resources to support these students. Hart developed the international travel registration system and oversees many of its day-to-day operations.

“These students may otherwise lack access to important information regarding safe and healthy travel to their international destination, and if the university doesn’t know where the students are, we can’t help them. This new International Travel Registration System is our first step toward filling that information gap.”

The safety and security of all ASU students, faculty and staff traveling internationally is a top priority.

“To travel safely, one must have at least a basic understanding of the risks inherent in a particular location or activity, and know how to seek help in case of emergency. Students who register their travel will be provided with destination intelligence that is not freely available to the public and will have access to 24/7 emergency support resources,” Hart said.

Registering travel is now required for all students traveling outside of the U.S. and its territories on ASU business, including:

• Research, experiential learning (e.g., international internships, co-ops, volunteering, service-learning), independent study done abroad or any other international travel that is part of an ASU class or for which the student receives ASU resident credit.

• International travel sponsored by or affiliated with ASU or an ASU student organization (this applies to both affiliated and independent student organizations registered with EOSS).

• Any other international travel by students for the purposes of officially representing ASU, such as participation in an academic or professional conference.

Why should you let ASU know of your international travel plans?

There are a number of benefits, including:

AlertTraveler Mobile App. Through an app accessible on both Apple and Android devices, students, faculty and staff preparing to travel internationally have access to travel intelligence (including topics such as culture, politics, religion, safety, security and current events) both before and during international travel. Students can also contact local emergency services through the app, or request help from ASU.

GeoBlue International Medical Insurance. Receive coverage through ASU’s international health insurance provider, including emergency evacuation in the event of political instability or natural disaster.

Emergency Communication Support. Through this registration system, ASU will provide 24/7 emergency response services and can assist you in the event of an emergency. With access to your itinerary, travel dates and locations, ASU is better able to reach you in the event of an emergency

Who registers?

Students traveling abroad on an ASU-related activity outside the United States, along with any ASU faculty and staff accompanying them. Although this system is not equipped to support students traveling abroad for personal reasons (like a family vacation or a church mission trip), there are many types of ASU-related travel that should be reported. Whether a student is traveling as part of a class, an ASU student organization or traveling alone for an internship or to conduct research, we want to support them.

Is there a difference between group and solo travel?

If you’re traveling on ASU-related business by yourself, register your travel using the Individual Student Travel page. If you’re traveling as part of an ASU group, you’ll still need to register your travel individually, but do so on the Group Travel page.

Who does NOT need to register in this system?

Those on ASU-approved study abroad programs (including student participants and faculty/staff program leaders) do not need to register their travel in this system. These travelers already have access to the same benefits noted above and are automatically registered by the Study Abroad Office as part of the study abroad program application process.

ASU students traveling internationally for personal matters should not register their travel.

ASU faculty or staff traveling abroad for ASU-business without students (such as an international conference presentation, for example) do not need to register their travel in this system; these travelers should continue to use the My ASU Trip system for business travel.

Additionally, students, faculty and staff traveling domestically (within the continental United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico) are excluded from this travel registration requirement.

How much does it cost?

The daily rate for registering your international travel is $3/day. This fee includes:

• Pre-departure advice and resources to prepare for a safe, healthy experience abroad.

• Trained and response-ready experts from ASU on-call 24/7/365 to assist in case of an emergency.

• Comprehensive international insurance coverage and resources (including evacuation services).

• 24/7/365 access to international security intelligence on desktop and mobile platforms.

The ASU international travel registration system was developed in conjunction with a new Student International Travel Registration policy issued by the Office of the University Provost. The services are provided by, developed and coordinated through the ASU Study Abroad Office. Read more about it on

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