Bowman agrees that the program affords plenty of time for students to also pursue externships and internships. And she says the program increases a student’s employability. 

“In addition to having something fabulous to talk about when you go into an internship, employers see the value of students stepping outside their comfort zone, challenging themselves and interacting with people from different cultures and environments,” she said. 

Hawthorne — who, thanks to the connections she made in Prato, plans to study next fall in Melbourne, where she will seek an externship in international law/global trade — did not hesitate when asked if she would recommend the program to other students. 

“It was such an incredible experience. I knew it was going to be interesting, but it exceeded my expectations, both in the classroom and the experiential learning outside the classroom,” she said. 

She reflected on one such beyond-the classroom experience that was particularly memorable.

“It was the first week, Friday afternoon, and we got out of class at noon,” she said, recalling that she and several classmates were taking the train back to their temporary home in Florence. “We suddenly decided that we wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast that weekend. And so we got a rental car and spent the weekend there, and came back Monday just in time for class. I was learning on both ends, but having this incredible experience in between. That was, to me, a very typical Prato experience.”

And with the location, she said, the program sells itself. A sentiment that Bowman echoed.

“The wonderful value of this is that you get a month in Italy, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and there is so much learning that goes on beyond the classroom,” she said. “You get the cultural, historical context, but also learn about yourself, and the independence you gain by doing a program like this.”

More information

Next year’s Prato courses will be offered in three blocks:

• Block 1: April 8–May 3
• Block 2: May 6–30
• Block 3: June 3–28

Due to class dates and finals, ASU Law students can participate in either Block 2 or Block 3.

The application deadline has not been finalized, but applications will be due approximately Feb. 1, 2019.  

Students must submit a written application and pay an application fee of approximately $400.

Lauren Dickerson

Marketing and communications coordinator, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law