The data is sent to the consumer’s phone and hosted on a cloud platform, at which point the user can decide whether to send it to a practitioner. The team is committed to making the data collection and reporting process HIPAA compliant. 

Bloomer HealthTech is seeking FDA clearance to establish medical-grade efficacy and begins clinical trials this month. 

According to Chong, the team believes the technology also will work for men, “once we catch up on women’s health.” 

The ASU Innovation Open finals are being held in Scottsdale on Friday, Feb. 2, with the winning team taking home a $100,000 prize. Avnet, the competition’s funding sponsor, provides ongoing resource support to all of the finalists, from business and marketing guidance to supply chain and technology solutions.

The finalists in Friday's pitch competition are ASU teams HoolestAirGarage and Hygiea, and two MIT teams: Bloomer HealthTech and W8X.

Terry Grant

Media Relations Officer, Media Relations and Strategic Communications