Year in pictures: Deanna Dent


Capturing images for a living is a funny thing. We become experts in watching others, reading their emotions and intentions and being ready to react to that single moment that may represent days, months or years of work for them. We're able to learn alongside them, documenting their research and successes, and to experience those heartfelt emotions of graduation day every year.

The best part of collecting my photos of the year is to be able to look back upon the successes of our institution in 2017 and remember how fortunate I am to work in such a unique job. 

I have also started  producing videos for our team, but the project I'm most proud of from the past year is our 101 series. In these series we work with ASU student groups and coalitions to share their experiences. It has been eye-opening to work with these students, to hear their life experiences and how they experience ASU. These groups include our student veteransinternational students, the Asian/Asian Pacific American Students' Coalition, the Black African Coalition, returned Peace Corps volunteers and El ConcilioEl Concilio seeks to unite Latin@/Chican@/Hispanic student organizations at ASU to represent their interests and needs and promote awareness of culture within the ASU community. students of Latino heritage in the video below: