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Marius Ciocirian

January 07, 2011

Marius Ciocirlan, is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in theatre with a film and media production concentration. During 2010, he won an Emmy® Award for a publicity campaign he created for Eight, Arizona PBS.

Ciocirlan has worked for PBS for several years as a video editor and motion graphic artist in the promotions department. He was tasked with designing a branding campaign named "Eight Delivers," in which he created an array of 30-second promotional videos, including graphic elements and animation.

Ciocirlan says that the promos were very powerful and emotional, which actually caused one of his coworkers to repeatedly watch them and tear up. Two of the campaign promos were nominated for the coveted television prize; Ciocirlan took the award for editing.

Ciocirlan also is an entrepreneur, winning grants and even office space at Arizona State University SkySong. He started two businesses, Kromatic Entertainment and Blimee.

Blimee Brings Local News, Engagement and Instant Offers to Digital Signage.