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Wesley Brewer

April 30, 2010

Wesley Brewer earned his Doctor of Musical Arts in music education from the Arizona State University Herberger Institute School of Music in May 2009. In April 2010, Brewer received the 2009 Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Council for Research in Music Education. As part of the award, Brewer receives an invitation to provide a guest lecture at the University of Illinois, which hosts the CRME, and a cash award. Sandra Stauffer, professor in the School of Music, was Brewer’'s dissertation adviser.

Brewer’s dissertation, "Conceptions of effective teaching and role-identity development among preservice music educators," examines the experiences of five preservice music educators over a nearly two-year time frame. Brewer’'s research finds that a music teacher’s role-identity and his or her beliefs about effective teaching are closely related. The study also includes recommendations for improving the design of teacher preparation programs to include explorations of role-identity in preservice teachers and development of musical skills and knowledge as foundations for effective music teaching.

Brewer currently is an assistant professor of instrumental music education at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

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