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First-generation ASU political science students awarded study abroad scholarships

Leonela Urritia, ASU political science student

September 15, 2016

The challenges that usually come with being a first-generation college student are just the beginning for 60 ASU students who will attempt to add traveling abroad to the list of their accomplishments.

In spring 2015, the ASU Study Abroad Office launched a scholarship program specifically designed to see more ASU first-generation students study abroad. The Planning Scholarships program has recognized that first-generation students succeed when they have more time to prepare for an academic experience, along with adequate support from those around them.

Out of the 1700 eligible students, two scholarship recipients were from the School of Politics and Global Studies. Wyatt Zepp and Leonela Urritia were both awarded the ISA Study Abroad Planning Scholarship worth approximately $2000.

Urrutia, who is a sophomore majoring in political science, plans on traveling abroad to a French speaking country. This experience will play a major role in her career and in her community, Urittia said.

“As a first-generation college student studying abroad, I'm opening new pathways into my future,” Urrittia explained.  “I would be the first in my family and my family's community to have this experience, so everything I gain from this trip will be completely new and enlightening”

Wyatt Zepp, ASU political science student

Zepp is also a sophomore majoring in political science. He plans on traveling to Germany to learn about their political systems and revolution with sustainable technology.  This experience will allow Zepp the opportunity to go beyond any expectations of college he or his family may have set.

“My family was determined to see me go to college [but were] not expecting me to learn abroad,” he said.

The ASU Study Abroad Office offers more than 250 different programs in over 55 countries around the world. To see some of the experiences that students have had, go to the Study Abroad page on the School of Politics and Global Studies website.

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