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Bursting with creativity, “New Danceworks II” opens in Tempe

February 02, 2002

WHAT: The Herberger College department of dance at ASU presents "New Danceworks II," a modern dance concert comprised of five pieces.
WHEN: Feb. 28, March 1-2, 2002, 7:30 p.m.; March 3, 2002, 2 p.m.
WHERE: Dance Theatre, PE East 132, 551 E. Orange St. on the ASU campus in Tempe.
TICKETS: $14 adults, $12 seniors, faculty and staff; $5 students.
INFORMATION, CALL: 480-965-6447.

Three of the Valley's best and brightest dance artists will have their most striking works presented in "New Danceworks II." This modern dance concert showcases the choreographic talents of three masters of fine arts (MFA) graduate students in this, their thesis performance. These outstanding dancers demonstrate years of commitment and discipline with pieces bursting with creativity.

MFA graduate student Heidi Shikles has taken her love of photography and movement and developed a work entitled, "Perspective," which explores the connections between video and live performance. Shikles is the piece's choreographer, videographer and editor.

"I have chosen to create three environments where video and live performance can intersect, and examine issues of intimacy, bonds that are stronger than physical attraction, and community," Shikles says. "Perspective" is performed in three sections and set on seven dancers.

Deirdre Egan choreographed two pieces in the show: "Ascend the Twisted Tree in a Field of Stars," set on six dancers, and "Flights of Fancy," set on five dancers.

"Ascend the Twisted Tree in a Field of Stars" is a dance theatre piece that combines poetry, video and dance and celebrates the magic of the ordinary.

Egan explains, "During the dance, slow, enigmatic projections are animated to move across the cyclorama and projected on screens that dancers hold, thus bringing the video into greater relationship with the dance. Tap lights are used to magical effect."

Her piece "Flights of Fancy" has two sections: 'The Adventures of Halloreena and Cheesy Boy,' a virtual duet in which one dancer appears only on projected video. 'Nostalgia in the Air (After Fellini)' is inspired by the fantastic images in Fellini films and uses video and dance to relate the story of a shared journey.

Molly Terbovich has choreographed a solo for herself entitled, "Moira." Terbovich created all aspects of the production - choreography, lighting and costume design - herself, and her inspiration came from the theory of synchronicity.

"Synchronicity is the concept of recognizing coincidental happenings in one's life," Terbovich says. "The solo focuses on the decision whether or not to take the coincidences seriously. Through my research, the occurrence of coincidences in my life has become more evident - and the solo reflects that."

In addition, the concert contains a new work choreographed by faculty member Melissa Rolnick, entitled "Gibberish," and set on Terbovich and Shikles.

The Department of Dance is nationally ranked in the top 10 by Dance Teacher Now magazine. Its graduate program is ranked 5th and its undergraduate program is ranked 9th. The ARCO Performance Arts College Guide calls the department one of the "most highly recommended programs" in the country.

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Megan Krause