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'A' fresh start for ASU freshmen

New school year kicks off with a whitewashed A.
One of ASU's favorite traditions, students whitewash the A on Hayden Butte
August 21, 2016

Whitewashing the 'A' is a Sun Devil tradition as the university's monogram becomes a blank slate for the new school year

Starting one's college journey is a chance for a fresh start, a clean slate. And it's the same for "A" Mountain.

On Saturday, freshmen from all of the Valley campuses came to Hayden Butte (aka "A" Mountain) to give the giant, traditionally gold "A" a coat of white paint.

Whitewashing the "A" is one of Arizona State University's traditions, and it's a chance for incoming students to put their stamp, so to speak, on their new home. (The "A" will be returned to its gold hue before the first home football game.)

See the fun below in video and photos.