Roland, an associate research professor at the Biodesign Institute is involved in a start-up called AniVax Inc., along with Wei Kong, a research associate professor at the Biodesign Institute.

Other examples of ASU ingenuity include:

  • James Aberle, Terry Alford and David Allee developed novel flexible display technology and identification systems
  • Hugh Barnaby improved the reliability modeling for large-scale CMOS circuit design
  • Candace Chan developed new alloys for rechargeable batteries
  • Lawrence Clark had the most patents issued — nine — an incredible output that focused on integrated circuits and flexible display electronics
  • Douglas Lake developed a new way of detecting Valley fever
  • Jian Li developed new chemistry and complexes for novel applications in light emitting devices
  • Stuart Lindsay and Peiming Zhang developed a next-generation DNA sequencer based on carbon nanotube technology, and along with Brian Ashcroft, a new start-up called Recognition Analytix LLC
  • Tsafrir Mor used plants to produce a new therapeutic, called human butyrylcholinesterase, that can rapidly reverse paralysis of the airways (or apnea) caused by succinylcholine
  • Kimberly Scott launched CompuGirls LLC, a culturally responsive technology program for adolescent (grades 8-12) girls from under-resourced school districts in the greater Phoenix area and in Colorado
  • Kathyrn Scheckel’s start-up, Spark Open Research LLC, has created an online mentoring and research experiences program
  • Bruce Towe developed a neurostimulator using semiconductor diode systems
  • Willem Vermaas harnessed cyanobacteria for producing novel bioplastics and biomaterials

To build on future success, AzTE has made a one-stop shop for intellectual property development available. In 2015, AzTE and KED initiated the Startup Mill, an entrepreneurial support program that provides start-ups with mentors, resources and training, and is available for use by internal and external start-ups.

Article and photos by Ally Carr,, assistant science writer, Biodesign Institute