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Year in pictures: Deanna Dent

Deanna Dent's Photos of the Year
December 29, 2015

Every day I consider myself lucky enough to document the experience of those learning and educating at one of the nation's most innovative universities.

I work alongside visuals editor Charlie Leight and videographer Kenneth Fagan, and every day brings a different story to visually illustrate. I primarily deal with photography, though I also shoot video depending on the story and situation. Every story assignment brings a unique opportunity to relate visually to our readers. I've included my favorite photographs from the year, though many aren't necessarily included in stories — they are the outtakes that I personally enjoy from ASU Now assignments. I am lucky enough to shoot with a 5D Mark III and generally with a Canon 24-70mm F2.8 and a Canon 70-200mm F2.8.

Here are a few of my favorite videos, as well.

Theatre Across Prison Walls: Throughout the fall semester I spent time with instructor Rivka Rocchio and her ASU students as they prepared their performance for Theatre Across Prison Walls. The students met for only one day and just for an hour or so of rehearsal, though it took some time to get not only myself approved but all my equipment. Everyone was immersed in their rehearsal an performance so it was easy to document. At times it’s easy to characterize people by the immediate circumstances you meet them in, like our ASU students in ASU shirts vs. inmates in orange ADC suits.

Star Wars: I like this video because we did a formal interview, but partway through Arizona State University conservator Suzanne Morgan wanted to finish sealing the poster and it turned out to be quite interesting. I love learning new things, like how it’s not lamination but encapsulation, and I felt the comfort of nostalgia as she showed me poster after 1980s poster.

ASU kids (adorable!): This one was quite fun — the kids were so driven and the best part is they came with their teacher to the Homecoming block party where they enjoyed the booths and then the game. I hope we see these future Sun Devils on campus someday!

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