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Book cover for "Imagined Audiences"
How Journalists Perceive and Pursue the Public
Jacob L. Nelson

Many believe the solution to ongoing crises in the news industry — including profound financial instability and public distrust--is for ...

A Practical Guide for Helping Loved Ones Heal After Trauma
Shawn Banzhaf

How do we effectively help our loved ones who are suffering from trauma? And help not just veterans who are suffering, but anyone — like survivors ...

Cover of The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Race edited by Ayanna Thompson
Edited by Ayanna Thompson

"The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Race" shows teachers and students how and why Shakespeare and race are inseparable. Moving well beyond ...

Cover of Reading the Old Norse-Icelandic 'Maríu saga' in Its Manuscript Contexts by Daniel Najork
Daniel C. Najork

"Maríu saga," the Old Norse-Icelandic life of the Virgin Mary, survives in 19 manuscripts. While the 1871 edition of the saga provides two ...

Sense and Sustainability
Life lessons from a green entrepreneur who thought he could change the world
Hitendra Chaturvedi

This book is raw, real, sensible and brings a fresh perspective on existential challenges our environment faces today. Hitendra Chaturvedi ...

Cover of Shakespeare and the Evolution of the Human Umwelt by Timothy Ryan Day
Adapt, Interpret, Mutate
Timothy Ryan Day

"Shakespeare and the Evolution of the Human Umwelt" brings together research on Shakespeare, biosemiotics, ecocriticism, epigenetics and actor ...

Cover of I Have No Ocean by Nicole Arocho Hernández
Nicole Arocho Hernández

Nicole Arocho Hernández's "I Have No Ocean" conveys a vivid Puerto Rico set against the backdrop of Hurricane María and the resulting devastation ...

Cover of Flight of the Diamond Smugglers by Matthew Gavin Frank
A Tale of Pigeons, Obsession, and Greed Along Coastal South Africa
Matthew Gavin Frank

For nearly 80 years, a huge portion of coastal South Africa was closed off to the public. With many of its pits now deemed “overmined” and ...


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