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Understanding Intersecting Identities
Edited by Barbara J. Guzzetti

This book presents succinct original research and research reviews by leading scholars focusing on how and why diverse people represent their ...

How We Learn to Move: A Revolution in the Way We Coach and Practice Sports Skills, by Rob Gray, PhD
A Revolution in the Way We Coach & Practice Sports Skills
Rob Gray

What is the new, revolutionary way people are becoming skillful? How is sports practice and coaching becoming more creative and fun – giving ...

A History of Observation and Exploration of the Red Planet
William Sheehan

For millenia humans have considered Mars the most fascinating planet in our solar system. We’ve watched this Earth-like world first ...

Cover of The Cambridge Companion to Environmental Humanities co-edited by Jeffrey Cohen
Edited by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Stephanie Foote

This companion offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the environmental humanities, an interdisciplinary movement that responds to ...

Cover of I Cry Love! Love! Love! by Randel McCraw Helms
Randel McCraw Helms

According to Joanna Dales: "Drawing its title from William Blake’s hymn of praise to sexual love ('Visions of the Daughters of Albion'), this ...

book, cover, The Behavioral Code, Adam Fine, Benjamin ven Rooij, Beacon Press, ASU, criminal justice
The Hidden Ways the Law Makes Us Better ... Or Worse
Benjamin van Rooij and Adam Fine


Why do some laws radically change behavior whereas others are consistently ignored and ...

Book cover for "Watch Me Trick Ghosts"
Robert Krut

In "Watch Me Trick Ghosts," Robert Krut reveals a city weaving between a surreal consciousnesses and concrete imagination, where speakers are ...

Cover of "Public and Private Education in America"
Examining the Facts
Casey D. Cobb

"Public and Private Education in America: Examining the Facts" addresses controversial questions on education in America. In the book, Casey D. ...


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