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Cover of William Shakespeare and Others co-edited by Jonathan Bate
November 2013
Red Globe Press / Macmillan

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William Shakespeare and Others

Collaborative Plays
William Shakespeare
Edited by: 
Jonathan Bate
Eric Rasmussen

Developed in partnership with The Royal Shakespeare Company, this is the first edition for over a hundred years of the fascinatingly varied body of plays that has become known as "The Shakespeare Apocrypha." As a companion to their award-winning "The RSC Shakespeare: Complete Works," renowned scholars Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen, supported by a dynamic team of co-editors, now provide a fascinating insight into ten plays in which Shakespeare may have had a hand. A magisterial essay by Will Sharpe provides a comprehensive account of the Authorship and Attribution of each play.

Combining outstanding textual scholarship with elegant writing and design, this unique collection allows us to revisit the question of what is Shakespearean. It is an indispensable book for students, teachers, performers, scholars and lovers of Shakespeare everywhere.


Sir Jonathan Bate is a Foundation Professor of environmental humanities with a joint appointment in the Department of English and the Global Futures Laboratory, School of Sustainability.

Praise for this book

""In evaluating candidates, Bate and Rasmussen tread the ground between Victorian inclusiveness and modernist scrupulousness ... helpful tables at the beginning of each play give readers the basis to decide authorship issues for themselves. Summing up: recommended."


"We know very little about how the stable of playwrights at the Rose, or at the Globe, collaborated. Did one writer do the plotting, another the dialogue? We'll probably never know a but this book provides a fascinating insight into some of the plays in which it has been claimed Shakespeare himself may have had a hand."

Gregory Doran
RSC Artistic Director