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Book cover with collage of faces for "Why Is it So Hard"
September 2021

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Why Is It So Hard

Becoming A People Person in the Post COVID-19 Era
Ervin (Earl) Cobb
Charlotte D. Grant-Cobb

"Why Is It So Hard" is a book designed to help you navigate today's social, economic and political challenges and to help you enjoy the "peace of kindness" that comes from knowing and "connecting the dots." In their words, "Gaining a broader and deeper perspective of this unique time in America's history, and the social and political changes that are occurring, can be life changing. We truly believe that the comfort and clarity, which comes from connecting the dots, and the elimination of the anxiety and confusion, can be both inspirational and uplifting."

In the book, the Cobbs introduce and cross-examine a set of Framing Factors, which influence today's American society. They also deliver an unbiased analysis of the "impacts" these influences have on humanity and kindness within the United States. Common-sense approaches to countering the impacts are provided.


Ervin (Earl) Cobb is a 1977 graduate of the ASU School of Engineering. Cobb is an accomplished corporate executive and author. He is currently the CEO and Managing Partner of Richer Life, LLC. 

Charlotte D. Grant-Cobb is a 1980 and 1986 graduate of the ASU School of Business. Grant-Cobb is a gifted author, change management coach, professional mentor and author.

Praise for this book

"Charlotte and Earl are leaders and can teach leadership, a rare combination. The Smart Leader should hold a prominent place in your professional library."

Jim Grigsby
President/CEO Jim Grigsby Consulting

"Mr. Cobb has been meticulously working on advancing what is known in the realm of Leadership Development. He is a proven author of several books, a well-known speaker, a leader, and has a genius approach to leadership development. The information that he provides in his latest body of work is "textbook worthy" and I highly recommend all colleges/universities/companies adopt this body of work to teach Leadership Development."

Jonathan Hebert, M. Eng, PMP, Ph.D.