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Trine Fallacy book 2 cover
August 2021
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Trine Fallacy

The Kinderra Saga: Book 2
C.K. Donnelly

As the Dark Trine's noose tightens around Kinderra, young Trine Mirana Pinal and her mentor, the Trine hero Tetric Garis, embark on a quest to learn how the enigmatic watchtower of Jasal's Keep once saved the land. Teague Beltran, Mirana's beloved and an Unaspected herbsman's apprentice, wants nothing more than to kill the Dark Trine himself. As one born without magical powers, however, he is forbidden to take up arms in battle. His confrontation with the Dark Trine's forces may force him to sacrifice his healing oath. Mirana fears using her Aspects with the Light from Within will not be enough to save her people. The strength of her Aspects through the Power from Without, however, will lead her down a path she must not follow. Their decisions may bring Kinderra closer to peace — or destruction.


While other kids read comic books under the covers with a flashlight at bedtime, C.K. Donnelly wrote fan fiction and fantasy stories. After graduating from Arizona State University, she started her career in the health care field and later pursued her love of writing as an award-winning medical journalist.

Praise for this book

"Young adult and fantasy readers will relish this world of magic and war, with characters facing grief and self-doubt."


"The second novel in the Kinderra Saga, "Trine Fallacy" continues the story begun in "Trine Rising" with energy, intensity and a few breathtaking plot twists that will engage and enthrall the reader."