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Cover of Tomorrow’s Jobs Today co-written by Rafael Moscatel
May 2021
John Hunt Publishing

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Tomorrow’s Jobs Today

Wisdom and Career Advice from Thought Leaders in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, The Internet of Things, Privacy, and More
Rafael Moscatel
Abbey Moscatel

This collection of in-depth profiles featuring smart city CIOs, data protection officers, blockchain CEO’s, informatics doctors and other diverse, skilled professionals gives readers first-hand insight into what tomorrow’s jobs look like today. The hands-on experiences, subject matter expertise and measured job advice shared within these pages demonstrate how identifying opportunities, setting the right cadence and building strong relationships are the essential ingredients to unlocking your future’s potential.

"Tomorrow's Jobs Today" is for the new graduate, the professional between jobs and the doting parents desperate to get their “brilliant” but lazy kid out of the basement. It’s also for senior corporate leaders seeking an intimate understanding of the changes abounding in their organizations. It’s for the manager who wants to inspire and encourage professional development. And it’s for every knowledge worker out there who wants to leverage technology and information governance to reduce risk, generate revenue and improve customer experiences.


Rafael Moscatel is a student in the online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English program at ASU.