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October 2018

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Thinking about Movies

Watching, Questioning, Enjoying, 4th edition
Peter Lehman
William Luhr

"Thinking About Movies: Watching, Questioning, Enjoying, 4th Edition" is a thorough overview of movie analysis designed to enlighten both students and enthusiasts. Divided roughly into two parts, the book addresses film studies within the context of cinema dynamics, before moving on to a broader analysis of the relationship of films to larger social, cultural and industrial issues. 

This updated fourth edition includes an entirely new section devoted to a complete analysis of the film adaptation of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," along with many in-depth discussions of important films such as "Citizen Kane" and "Silence of the Lambs." A chapter on television integrates a major expansion distinguishing between television in the digital era of the convergence of the entertainment and technology industries in comparison to the era of broadcast analogue television. The final chapter places film within the current context of digital culture, globalization and the powerful rise of China in film production and exhibition. 

The authors clearly present various methodologies for analyzing movies and illustrate them with detailed examples and images from a wide range of films from cult classics to big-budget, award-winners. "Thinking About Movies" is ideal for film students immersed in the study of this important, contemporary medium and art form as well as students and readers who have never taken a class on cinema before. 

This new edition also comes with a Companion Blog that the authors update regularly with attention to films and industry developments directly related to each chapter, plus updates to readings and resources.


Peter Lehman is professor in the Department of English at ASU, where he teaches film and media studies and directs the Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture.

Praise for this book

“This thoroughly revised and up-to-date edition of Lehman’s and Luhr’s celebrated textbook will continue to inform and inspire new generations of students and researchers of film and media. It combines a commendable clarity of argument with incisive and innovative close analysis of key illustrative examples. The book covers a wide range of key aspects of film and media studies (narrative, analysis, authorship, stars, genres, seriality or reception) and key theoretical issues and frameworks. Every student of film and media should read this book.”

Professor Santiago Fouz-Hernández, Durham University, UK

"Filled with extremely helpful images and delightfully detailed, insightful analyses of films and other media, 'Thinking About Movies' shows two of our most eminent film scholars in excellent form. ...This new edition explores issues of new technology, globalization and more with the same thoughtfulness and erudition as the rest of the book. An impressive achievement, designed and certain to provoke healthy discussion."

David Lugowski, Manhattanville College, U.S.