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July 2019
Brandimar Publishing

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Tattle Tales

Tattoo Stories and Portraits
Brandy Isadora

"Tattle Tales: Tattoo Stories and Portraits" is a collection of portraits and stories of men and women who have adorned, and for some, dedicated their body to the art of tattoos. Teachers, lawyers, doctors and many others who work in professions, that until recently did not tolerate tattoos explain why they have chosen to permanently ink their bodies. Even though tattoos have increased in popularity and become mainstream, stereotypes and discrimination still exist. By sharing their stories, the people in "Tattle Tales" humanize an art form that has long been stigmatized by society.


After graduating from the Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University (under the name Brandy Goldberg), Brandy Isadora continued her education and pursued a MFA in creative writing at California College of the Arts. Upon graduation from CCA, Isadora started working as a freelance photojournalist.

Praise for this book

"Isadora's impressive, full-color photos often provide close-ups of the subjects' ink, and tattoo aficionados, in particular, will appreciate the opportunity to check out the artwork in detail. Many other readers will get new insight into those who choose to permanently change their appearance. Indeed, Isadora's book does much to dispel stereotypes about who gets tattooed and why."


"I have no tattoos. I found this book fascinating. Looking at the photos became an artwork gallery and the stories attached to each set gave me an entirely different perspective of the culture that embraces tattoos on their persons. The book represents quality publication, in large part because the photos are quality."

Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program