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September 2020
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The Startup of Seinfeld

A Multimedia Approach to Learning Entrepreneurship
R. Scott Livengood

The "Startup of Seinfeld" is written by a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship who can’t watch an episode of "Seinfeld" without thinking about its implications for aspiring entrepreneurs. Although not intended to be a how-to textbook for creating a successful startup, this book presents concepts and principles of entrepreneurship and then links the reader to actual "Seinfeld" clips as a context for their application. A fresh twist on “edutainment,” this multimedia approach combines words, graphics and video to bring the worlds of academia and popular culture together.

Get your internet-connected device ready and dive into a realm of entrepreneurship that transforms the greatest show about nothing into … something extraordinary.


R. Scott Livengood, a.k.a. the Seinfeld Sensei, is a clinical assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at ASU. He has been an award-winning teacher (sensei in Japanese) at numerous universities throughout the U.S. and to groups around the world.

Praise for this book

Seinfeld hasn’t aired a new episode in over 20 years, but thanks to Scott Livengood the show can teach us something new: what it takes to be an entrepreneur! You need a great idea like muffin tops or a cologne that smells like the beach, but no matter how good your product is, customer service counts — just ask the “Soup Nazi.” Marketing is key, though not even a celebrity endorsement will sell puffy shirts. This multimedia book is a serious introduction to entrepreneurship, but it’s also seriously fun.

William Irwin, editor "Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book about Everything and Nothing"
Herve A. LeBlanc Distinguished Service Professor, Chair of Philosophy, King's College

For those of us entrepreneurs who just “went out and did it” Scott provides a fresh and knowledgeable approach. Adding Seinfeld to the mix is brilliant and shows that he belongs to the small, select group of clever innovators. This book is a must for every entrepreneur or wannabe. Not just informative, but clever and fun. A winning combination from a guy who knows his stuff.

Ray Lindstrom
Author of "FEARLESS! Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur. (Wild rides with the man who started the infomercial industry)"